Antimicrobial or Antiviral? Contents Valet Know

You may have seen the commercials for the new sprays that kill bacteria on contact – then keep on killing for up to 24 hours.

By all accounts they really do what they say, but many unwary consumers think that these sprays also eradicate viruses…they don’t.

There is an ad on the Internet that says, “…we offer a 100% guarantee that our services will provide safe, immediate and long-term antimicrobial solutions for your facility, with up to 90 days protection per application.”

Sounds good, but viruses and bacteria are not the same thing.

The contents valet have access to all the latest antimicrobials. But they don’t mistake “antibacterial” with “antiviral.”

To be fair some antibacterial compounds have been approved by the CDC and FDA as antivirals – consumers are often hard pressed to tell the difference. Contents valet can tell at a glance.

Ask us how we know. We’ll be glad to share our insider’s secret so you can share with your insured’s and associates.

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