Cleaning Electronics

Cleaning Electronics the Right Way

If you have been an insurance adjuster, agent or building manager for more than a few years, you may recall the days when some restoration companies claimed to be able to restore wet electronics but were terribly inept at it.

They would hose them down and dry them out in working condition, only to have the customer call them (or their agents and adjusters) complaining a couple of months later that the computers were now malfunctioning and demanding that something be done about it.

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Today’s contents pros wash the mother boards with deionized/demineralized sprays that dislodge and neutralize contaminants (ordinary water leaves microscopic mineral “bridges” that are bound to lead to eventual damage).

Modern contents pros return only pristine electronics to owners and are posting an 80% to 85% success rate – and they are only charging 10% to 30% of the replacement costs, depending on the complexity of the job.

Not every contents company has such advanced tools and training – but they know who does and they keep their contact information in the “Million Dollar Data-base” so they can say “Yes” to electronic restoration too.

Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Electronics

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