Covid Sniffing Dogs | No Kidding!

In past Contents Solutions issues, we wrote about “mold sniffing dogs,” who were trained to locate hidden patches of mold in what appeared to be pristine homes.

And you have probably seen “drug sniffing dogs” and “gun and bomb sniffing dogs,” used by security personnel at airports – well CNN reports that now there are “COVID-19 sniffing dogs.”

The dogs were highly accurate at some airports when they sniffed small sampler cloths that had been stroked across passenger’s skin. There were other tests conducted where the COVID dogs were only 94% accurate (still good, but not perfect).

Now the American Airlines Arena is preparing to use the specially trained dogs to sniff patrons as they line up to attend NBA games in the Miami facility.

If a dog sniffs you, then sits down next to you it means you might have COVID-19 and you will be given a refund and will not be permitted into the game.

The Contents valet are looking forward to adding these new allies to their own work. It will bring a whole new layer of expertise on deep cleaning jobs.

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