Contamination can come in many “Flavors”

You already know about bacterial contamination – the flu, H1N1. (the one that devastates some cruise ships), MRSA (flesh-eating), and even the common cold.


And you have heard of the horrors of black mold that quietly grows and multiplies in quiet, dark, unseen areas of your home. (Like the family who bought a pristine house that had been meticulously maintained. Only to find mold under the floorboards and in the walls that were so thick, it could be cut out with a knife).


We’ve talked about sewage and floods that can coat much of your home with toxic and ruinous effluvium. And you may have read our articles about “unattended deaths” and homes, apartments, and garages where illicit drugs were prepared. (such substances penetrated the walls, ceilings, carpets, and appliances then continued to contaminate surfaces unknown to new tenants).


Of course, many harried real estate salespeople have called upon us to decontaminate houses. They could not rent or sell because of the remarkable fragrances of animal urine that permeated much of the dwelling.


But there are other contaminations that one might not immediately come to mind.


Smoke is one. During a fire (and after) it works its way down hallways, into air ducts, and winnows a path into nooks and crannies, computers, big-screen TVs, and other electronics.


One of the most important goals for Exclusively Contents, Inc. is to stop the spread of these silent invaders. Cross-contamination can happen when an adjuster performs a walkthrough. Or when a homeowner packs up some valuables and moves them to another room, storage space, or temporary housing.


It can even happen when structural workers turn on fans to dry the damp, moldy walls and crawl spaces.


Most people don’t pay attention to such small details – but Exclusively Contents, Inc. saves time, money, and effort on every job because they pay attention every time.

Contamination Inside and Out

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