prison sewage

Prison Sewage

It has often been said that the “Sing Sing” prison is not a pleasant place to live. But when a prison sewage pipe broke inside the facility, things went to a whole new level!


The product selected by Exclusively Contents, Inc. to clean and sanitize the penitentiary comes in two delivery modes – liquid or gas. For this job, they chose the liquid.


The sewage flowed across floors and coated walls, settling into low areas and filling every niche, recess, and crevice. It didn’t just smell bad and look bad, the sludge carried life-threatening bacteria and disease in every drop.


The contents valet cleaned the entire prison sewage with degreasers – then rinsed the surfaces clean.


Next, they apply the liquid chlorine dioxide and let it dry. The solution penetrated all the fissures and cracks, killing E. coli and other unsanitary bacteria.


The drying process only took 10 minutes and further testing showed that the area was actually cleaner than before the disaster. And it left no harmful residue at all.


One report added, “Prison was dry, the area was also completely disinfected. Testing verified the area cleaner than before the pipe break.”


ClO2 is rapidly becoming a new favorite with Exclusively Contents, Inc. (and adjusters). It has earned its place.

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