Exclusively Contents, Inc. where do they get those wonderful tools?

In previous editions of Exclusively Contents, Inc. you may have read articles about the formidable array of cleaning and restoring techniques and wonderful tools available to the Exclusively Contents, Inc.

Sometimes these stories even surprised us! Like the “magic wands” used by contents valets when decontaminating cruise ships that infected with norovirus. Or the amazing herb-based antimicrobials that disinfect with a simple spray. But are harmless to humans (so they can stay in the home or office during the cleaning process).

And a new favorite is the “electrolyzed water” that cleans and sanitizes. But turns back into ordinary tap water in just minutes after it is used!

Weird and wonderful tools | National Library of Australia

We were astounded by “dry ice blasting” which, by the sound of it should have no useful purpose in a contents restoration job.  But in actuality can clean mold off the page of a book. Without damaging the paper or the type (among many other things)!

And there are so many more – but the most impressive thing about all these advanced cleanings and restoring approaches is that they save money every time they use. Perhaps you recall the article that showed the remarkable amounts. Those are being conserved in the textiles field. (One, in particular, told about an $875 Armani suit, which had been smoke-damaged but restored for just $15).

And we have told and retold the true story about the Coco Chanel® purse that had an estimated worth of $4000. And survived a fire only to saturated with water. Frozen for two weeks and wadded into an almost unrecognizable ball of leather. Only to restored to pre-loss condition for only $79.99. (Sorry if you have read some of these articles before, but we are immensely proud of the contents “miracle workers” and now we think you will be too).

If you are looking for the bargain of the restoration industry – have a look at Exclusively Contents, Inc. They may just surprise you (again, and again, and again)!

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