Contents Team Approved for “Coronavirus Ship”

In an exclusive interview with industry spokesperson Barb Jackson CR, Contents Solutions has found that an internationally known contents (and structural) restoration company has just been approved to clean and sanitize the Diamond Princess (the “coronavirus ship).” The luxury liner to which over 690 cases of COVID-19 were linked.

“It’s no secret,” Barb explained. “I was visiting their headquarters when I first heard the news. Their contents division is well equipped, well trained and highly experienced. They are exactly the right kind of company for such a challenging job.

Earlier, the UK Daily Mail had reported an ill-conceived attempt in which a large cleaning firm offered, “‘A really good opportunity’: The sinister text messages sent to low income Australians asking them to clean coronavirus-hit ship the Diamond Princess.” The recipients of the message were largely school cleaners (janitorial/maintenance).

The “United Workers Union has urged staff not to consider the offer as it is specialised cleaning, requiring extra training and equipment,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Lyndal Ryan, United Workers Union director of property services said it seemed that (the cleaning company) saw their cleaners as disposable.

Ryan added, “Our members have specific skills and knowledge in cleaning the state’s education facilities, not in cleaning during an extreme public health crisis in another country.”

Barb Jackson explained “The internationally recognized contents restoration company that was ultimately chosen for this assignment has restored cruise ships before and has decontaminated bacteria and viruses that are actually considered to be harder to deactivate than COVID-19 — on ships, in homes and even offices.

“Contents restoration companies like the one that will complete the Diamond Princess job don’t offer promises, they offer proof. Ask your contents valet to show you their solutions, their track record and their plan. They have ‘the right stuff’ for contamination engagements.”

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