How to Kill Coronavirus Part 2

So how do we know that the solutions used by the contents pros to deactivate COVID-19 actually work – even though the testing process is not yet officially complete?

FactCheck.Org, a highly awarded “watchdog” and fact checker for news worldwide points out, “…the EPA has a guidance policy that allows companies to claim their products are effective against certain emerging viral pathogens, as long as they can show the products work on other, harder-to-kill viruses.”

COVID-19 is an “encapsulated” virus which makes it extremely vulnerable to the compounds and solutions used by the contents pros as sanitizers. “Non-enveloped” viruses are much harder to kill.

One of the best known “…wipes, for example, work against rotavirus, a large, non- enveloped virus in the Reoviridae family, so the product qualifies as a 2019-nCoV-effective disinfectant.”

And we look for solutions that have proven themselves against MERS and SARS viruses in the past. SARS mutated into COVID-19 – they are vastly different “bugs” but both are enveloped viruses.

These types of “envelopes” break down when exposed to the disinfectants we choose. And the virus inside, dies. The compounds we select have a very long and impressive “track record” of success.

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