Coronavirus! Yes we can handle that

They called it “coronavirus (Covid-19),” because, under high magnification. It has little spikes with protuberances at the ends (sort of like a crown).

Even so, researchers tacked on another word, “Novel,” so the new one was officially called, “Novel Coronavirus,” (until they opted for the simpler, “COVID-19”).

And Exclusively Contents, Inc. are ready. Why? Because we have met coronaviruses before! This new one is not “The Coronavirus,” it a coronavirus. SARs is a coronavirus. MERS is a coronavirus – even the common cold is a coronavirus – and Exclusively Contents, Inc. has dealt with them all.

However, with the new coronavirus threat, Exclusively Contents, Inc. are already attending classes about how to deal with the deadly germs. Not too surprisingly, most of the courses go over material they already know. They use high-level personal protection equipment. And they use disinfectants and sanitizers designated by the EPA as having the ability to destroy coronaviruses like SARS and MERS.

By knows that these viruses are serious business and they have the tools, training, and experience to deal with them. But while the media is treating it like an unstoppable plague. Exclusively Contents, Inc. just considers it to be — just another day on the job.

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