Contents Valet Don’t Cost – They Save

When an adjuster gets highly detailed documents, photos, scope of work and digital inventory on any given restoration assignment, he (she) knows that there is a contents valet on the job.

When a property manager sees that he has saved serious money over his initial contents restoration budget, he knows that he chose a trained contents team (not a group of untrained cleaners).

When an agent gets an unsolicited thank-you note from a homeowner praising his company for the remarkable work the restoration workers have done and the massive amount of valuables that were restored under seemingly impossible conditions, he knows that the contents specialists have helped him to get another policy renewal.

Every year millions of dollars are paid by insurance companies because tons of expensive articles are cashed out instead of restored to pre-loss condition.

Trained Contents valet always seek to restore instead of replace and the bottom line reflects their expertise.

Without a qualified Contents Manager, inexperienced cleaners often lack the training to even recognize those items which can be restored and which can be repaired and reconditioned for pennies on the dollar.

In point of fact, even if some of these workers had an idea or two about how to clean and repair smoke-damaged or flood-damaged goods, it is likely that they would unknowingly sacrifice the insured’s belongings for the sake of expediency – largely because they have had little or no education outside their normal protocols (namely moving and cleaning – not restoring).

The Contents valet are qualified through training and experience to identify various levels of damage and to clean and restore valued items to pre-loss condition – which produces ecstatic insureds and gratified adjusters, agents, property managers, etc. because they know that the specialists have reduced the bottom line of the overall claim and produced more satisfied customers.

To put it simply, we have seen repeated instances in which unskilled workers may look as if they are moving forward on a job cheaply, only to have the insurance liaison discover later that the cost of replacement, not to mention the loss of important documents, homeowners’ valuables, lack of documentation and a partial or total disregard for contents restoration protocols, can increase the cost of a given assignment dramatically.

Contents valet don’t cost – they save… it is the foundation of every mission and we prove it every time.

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