Dark and Stormy Night Story

During a torrential rain, the stately manner had become partially flooded when water found its way in through a stone roof.

A second floor bedroom and bath had already been flooded and the runoff had found its way down to the first floor in a bedroom, drawing room, corridor, hallway and kitchen.

To make matters worse, the contents pros were face to face with a mansion full of priceless antiques. One of the bedrooms had black and white photos on display from the 1940’s that were irreplaceable.

‘It Was a Dark and Stormy Night’ – VOA Learning English

Moisture was wicking its way through the wall and the photographs were in jeopardy. So one of the early mitigation tasks was to get the photos to a safe place and reframe them so they didn’t fuse to the glass in which they were housed (these priceless pieces were restored to pre-loss condition).

The hand painted wall paper was slow-dried and saved.

The antique furniture was relocated to another part of the house that was unaffected and was restored with dehumidifiers and an electric heating system. A delicate balance was maintained and monitored during the entire restoration, in order to preserve all the items without further damage. All affected items were restored to pre-loss condition with a minimum of household interruption and cost-conscious invoicing.

Water Tech Training: The Value of Flood Houses 

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