Flammable Items in Your Home

Do You Have These Common Flammable Items in Your Home?

Some causes of household fires are rather obvious, but others? Not so much. Many of us knowingly keep flammable items in our homes, carrying on with our day to day lives and thinking to ourselves, “It won’t happen to me.” But a household fire can occur in literally any home with the right conditions and cause massive destruction. It only takes a bit of foresight to protect your home from the most common flammable items, so keep reading to hear about some flammable items to handle with care in your home.

Your dryer

You’ve probably heard it before — your dryer, specifically, the lint, is a major fire hazard. If it builds up, backs up into the exhaust, and overheats, it’s a quick recipe for a house fire. In addition to being diligent about cleaning out your dryer’s lint trap before running each load, there are some other steps you can take to prevent dryer fire risk: don’t ever keep the exhaust vents covered or run your dryer overnight. This could result in a fire starting when you’re asleep.

Your stove

Most people know to keep their stovetops clear of flammable items. Still, they often don’t keep these flammable items far enough away from the cooktop surface, and fires can occur as a result.

“So many home fires start in the kitchen. Keep cooking areas clear by removing flammable items such as cookbooks, towels, and pot holders and leaving a space of at least three feet between your cooktop and the nearest item. Another key piece of advice? Never leave the stove unattended while you’re using it,” writes Amanda Hardin on CheatSheet.

Any antique electronics

It’s not at all uncommon for homeowners to hold onto sentimental or still functional electronics from decades ago. If you have an antique lamp, fan, or other electronic device, know that it’s very possible for it to have sustained damage to its internal wiring. This makes it a bigger risk when it comes to electronic fires. The only real way to mitigate this risk and keep the item is to have it professionally rewired, or simply use it as a decoration and keep it unplugged with a clear warning label on the wire.


Almost everyone has some sort of candles in their home, and not many people see them as a fire risk. That being said, candles are actually a relatively common cause of housefires since they’re easily knocked over by pets or young children. Don’t ever burn a candle without a candle holder, keep the open flame far away from flammable items like furniture and curtains, and keep them up at a higher altitude to prevent the risk of them getting knocked over.

Space heaters

Finally, winter will be here in just a few short months, and though space heaters keep you warm and toasty, they’re also a major fire risk. It’s essential to keep your space heater at least three feet away from any and all flammable items, like furniture, bedding, stuffed animals, and carpets. Use them sparingly when possible.

Now that you’re aware of these common household fire risks, you can safely prepare for the upcoming season and keep your home safe.

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