Getting Insurance Policies Renewed

You already know about the policy some contents valet have of giving a small courtesy gift box to the insured at the beginning and end of a job with the insurance agent’s card as the only literature inside, and saying something like, “Your agent, Susan Sondheim asked us to give you this.” With a note on the back of the card, “I’m here when you need me,” or something similar on the back of the card – thus giving the appearance that the agent is “mentally present” throughout this job.

And you probably remember from previous articles how we invite the agent to drop by when something really terrific is about to happen (such as a beloved family treasure that is returned in better than pre-loss condition, or legal documents that were thought to be unrecoverable, but are now completely restored).

But our teams are also trained to keep the agent “top of mind” during the job as well in small, subtle ways. For example, when a homeowner says, “This is outstanding work, that couch looks brand new.”

They answer, “Thank you. Ms. Sondheim always expects our best efforts. We won’t let her down.”

Or when first meeting the owner, the contents manager says, “Susan Sondheim, your agent, told me to pay special attention to the antique clock in your study. We brought special padding and cushions so we can give it our VIP treatment. She said your grandfather actually built it himself.”

Just a small detail that makes us look good, the agent look as if she (he) was paying attention and gives the owner the real impression that we are all “on the same wavelength.”

Those are just a couple of ways we help you get policy renewals!

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