Kills Coronavirus for 90 Days

Researchers at a Hong Kong university have produced a new substance that acts as an anti-viral coating for up to 90 days. They explain that it is heat sensitive and opens (like a flower) at human touch. Then it releases its antimicrobial substance, which kills viruses – even when the spray has dried.

The scientists tell us it is “…non-toxic and safe for skin.”

They have tried it out in a hospital and a home for the elderly. “The researchers said shopping malls, schools and sport training facilities in the city have adopted the coating.”

The University of Arizona has released a report for a similar coating that Daily Health Post says, “…can keep surfaces clear of a human coronavirus for up to 90 days with just one application.” It is presently awaiting peer-review.

The contents valet think this will be a game-changer for offices, schools, hospitals, theaters, restaurants and homes – you will be among the first to know when it becomes available for our clients.

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