In House Washing Saves Millions

Some contents restoration companies have elected to perform in-house laundering of virally infected or smoke-impregnated soft contents.

In fact various restoration companies have banded together to support others with similar machines. One such consortium claims, “…North American insurance companies saved over $5,000,000 in a sample of 634 insurance claims.”

Others point out that their machines (largely located in hospitals and resorts), clean and restore (conservatively) 20 to 30 million pounds of soft goods every day.

Both companies have created washing machines for the restoration industry and both have developed computers that release cleaning and antibacterial solutions during the washing process.

This includes pre-programs for the contents professionals that enables them to remove the smoke, soot, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants from fires, floods, sewage back-ups and medical hazards.

Many restoration companies (that don’t process soft contents in house) still opt for using the dry-cleaning and laundering agencies that specialize in contents decontamination.

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