Inside the Contents Valet Magic Box

The CDC has a website where they research many types of disinfectants and sanitizers. They pointed out that alcohol, as an example, does pretty well with some bacteria, but, “… lack sporicidal action and they cannot penetrate protein-rich materials.”

Bleach looks pretty good, but, “…can produce ocular irritation or oropharyngeal, esophageal, and gastric burns,” along with damage to fabrics, corrosiveness to metals, etc.

So what do the contents valet use? Devices and technologies that almost seem like magic! Steam “wands” that kill 99.99% of germs. “Liquid Ozone” that can sanitize hard surfaces and can be used in standard washing machines.

They even use “electrolyzed water” which is plain water that has been electrically charged to become a powerful cleaning and sanitizing agent but reverts back to ordinary water a few minutes after use! No harmful residue at all.

And of course, the thyme-based cleaners that can kill some of the most lethal viruses and bacteria you are likely to find – yet are remarkably “human friendly.”

When you have a school, business or home that needs some serious sanitizing, call the contents valet. They have tools and solutions that leave alcohol, bleach and ammonia far behind, while restoring homes, classrooms and offices (often to better than pre-loss condition).

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