They took her Contents Valet on the JOB

Do you recall the article about the contents pros who hired a cosplay batman to return some memorabilia to a little boy? Well, sometimes you don’t need a cape to be a hero.

The structural restoration team had arrived before the contents pros were assigned the job.

The contents manager quickly began a walkthrough of the home that had been devastated by high winds and flooding.

In one room she found a little girl sitting alone on a bed and weeping without making a sound. Just big tears running down a three-year-old face.

The manager stopped her estimate and knelt on the floor, “What’s up sweetie?”

The girl explained, “They took her.”

It turned out that the structural guys had dumped all the wet toys in a pile along with wet mattresses and clothing, etc., out by the curb.

Minutes later, the contents manager returned with the drenched stuffed animal, wrapped in a blanket. “Is this your bear?”

The little girl nodded, and reached out, but the manager knew the doll had been exposed to contaminants.

“She needs a special bear bath,” she told the girl and added that she had a “bear bath machine” that washed things very gently (she actually did).

The bear went on the next truck back to the warehouse and was cleaned, sanitized and dried thoroughly by late afternoon. Normally the cost for that sort of restoration might be prohibitive, but this time it was on the house.

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