Making Things Easy for Insured and Adjuster

It has been our experience that each claims adjuster has a way of performing a job that is different from any other. Of course there are similarities, but each has preferences that are uniquely their own. Some will appear on the job, some won’t. Some will ask for meticulous site diaries, others don’t want to get bogged down in too much detail.

It is up to the observant contents manager to decide how best to interact with the various types of adjusters and to keep the lines of communication open.

A typical contents job manager will meet with the policy holder in the home or office where the assignment is taking place.

Together they will walk through the structure to best determine the scope of work and how to proceed. A large amount of digital photographs are taken, with the insured pointing out specific items and important needs (the photos serve to document the insured’s requests and concerns).

The contents manager will work directly with the adjuster to best determine the policy provisions and the scope of the work at hand. Some contractors will simply begin the work without having the opportunity of consulting with the adjuster. But we have found it more expedient (and far more logical) to submit a “pre-estimate,” have the adjusters make modifications based on their own experiences, their carrier’s policies and set reserves – then proceed with an agreement based on all these factors. This transparent approach serves to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations later down line.

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The digital photos also serve as an inventory, documenting the pre pack out condition of most of the items, then providing a “chain of custody,” for pack out, transport, warehousing and cleaning of valued objects and documents.

The photos themselves are available to the adjuster, the homeowner/office manager and even to the insurance agent on the case. They even act as a “template” to show the frontline workers where everything started out, so the individual pieces can be returned to the exact spots from which they were originally removed.

And of course we work closely with the structural team to provide a seamless and timely completion of each job.

We are also proud of the fact that other contractors who do not have a contents division or find that a contents job is too complex or too demanding on their resources are now assigning all or part of their contents work to us. Our code of excellence has become a hallmark both to other contractors and carriers alike.

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