Open for Business in 48 Hours

The contents pros were faced with the aftermath of a fire that spread smoke and soot damage throughout a 60,000 square-foot manufacturing plant including a 9000 square-foot office area.

We’ll tell you more about the office area in a future issue of Contents Solutions, but the major challenge faced that night was that the company had a huge shipment due to go out the next day and now it smelled like the world’s largest ashtray!

How To Start Your Business In 48 Hours?

The contents pros set up massive air scrubbers to help improve indoor air quality, then they backed in a 53 ft. semi-trailer and moved load after load of product from the shipping department into the trailer which was now a mobile remediation chamber. Once the doors were closed and sealed, ozone was pumped in and all the goods were processed, deodorized, sanitized and inspected.

The entire shipment was restored to pre-loss condition and was on the road within 48 hours of the initial fire.

$45,000 Less than Adjuster’s Quote

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