Some Items Can’t be Dried Cost-Effectively

Upholstered furniture and bed mattresses are very difficult to restore after they have become saturated with water. There are some techniques that can be used to decontaminate couch cushions, but the rest of the couch would have to be disassembled all the way down to the wood and springs to dry and decontaminate it properly (it may not be cost effective to do so).

And a bed mattress may appear to be dry after cleaning by professionals, but deep down in the center of the padding, it will probably still be wet and it is almost a certainty that mold will begin to grow there and even when eventually dry, mold particulates will eventually be released into the air that the clients breathe.

Hardwood furniture can usually be restored if it is dried completely within 24 to 48 hours of getting wet and no mold is discovered on the surface or the underside of a given piece. And even if mold is discovered, it can often be removed with specialized techniques, but mold can stain wood, so an extra level of restoration will be required.

Even some laminated furniture that has become delaminated can be restored, provided the wood underneath has not become too saturated.

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