The Power of Empowering the Contents Valet

Barb Jackson CR, has trained thousands of contents restoration valet and she strongly recommends to their employers that the frontline workers be permitted to participate in the hour to hour performance of any job.

The contents valet rely on their supervisors — good, strong communication between them saves time, money and can keep the team from logistical nightmares.

The valet see everything from pre-existing conditions to potential liabilities. And if they see something that should be addressed at a later time, photographs (of the sort we use in digital photo inventory) can be taken and shown to the contents director or shared with other appropriate team members, homeowners and building managers. Those who consider themselves “drones” won’t think of liabilities or watching for pre-existing damages.

Those who are empowered to participate, become part of an interactive team who all have the good of the company, the insured and the insurance carrier in mind.

When a contents valet snaps a picture of a torn couch or a dark stain on a carpet or a scratched piano – before they actually begin their job, they have gone a long way toward mitigating possible false claims against them. And it is decidedly possible for even the most attentive manager to miss something that other sets of eyes see.

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