Vinegar is Great. But…

The truth is, we like vinegar as a cleaning agent. White vinegar and its twin brother apple cider vinegar, are being used by cleaning crews throughout North America to clean glass, showers and tubs, toilets, appliances and a host of other surfaces.

But it is made from ascetic acid and even mild acids can damage fragile materials.

We don’t recommend it for marble or polished stone – it can dull the finish.

As you know, it can dissolve minerals in showerheads. The problem is that it can also dissolve the finish on hardwood floors!

The Valet won’t use it on computer screens or modern television screens (it can damage anti-glare coatings).

The bottom line is that vinegar (and many other natural cleansers) can be useful. But contents pros are in the business of restoration – we don’t take chances, so we opt for the very best solutions…every time. That is how we save time and money on virtually every job.

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