We are Open | Getting the Doors Open – Small Company Triage

A well-trained Contents Manager does far more than simply co-ordinate cleaning and restoration on any given job site.

Often she (he) starts by scoping and pre-estimating the building and its contents, with the insured by her side. Thus her goals match those of the administrators and extend to using her team to minimize interruptions to normal business operations.

For example, along with the structural manager, a plan might be created in a small hotel to keep the lobby open and to restore and maintain a largely unaffected part of the building so the staff can continue to make profit while the major damage is sealed off and mitigated with sound and contaminant barriers in place.

Wet furniture, computers, documents and more can be removed, dried and returned in less time than it takes to dry the structure.

Banks, hospitals, theaters, restaurants and more have been kept open, or opened ahead of schedule because the Contents Managers focus on minimizing the socioeconomic impact of interruptions caused by the disaster… not just cleaning and clearing the aftermath.

These are the sorts of allies adjusters and building managers hope for on every contents job, and with the contents pros they know they are getting the very best.

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