Contractors are now Hiring The Contents Valet

Many contractors are experts in everything from demolition, to board up, to reconstruction and beyond, but may not have an equal amount of training in contents restoration. So, they call in the contents valet from another company, leaving the structural workers to do what they do best.

A good contents team can blend in so well with the structural staff that the builders can usually get their assignments done faster with the specialists clearing the way for them.

Not only do the contents valet take on the responsibility for properly handling and cleaning the valued items, but they work closely with the homeowner in order to prioritize the treatment of various prized possessions that might otherwise have been set aside in favor of the immediacy of the rebuilding process.

They work under the direction of the company owner by whom they were hired and often will wear generic clothing to integrate even better with the structural team.

And one of the most appreciated attributes of the contents team is that they improve the bottom line for both the structural company that invited them on the job, and the adjuster, by restoring (for pennies on the dollar) instead of cashing out items that are valued by the insured.

Contents managers also train their personnel to speak highly of the contractor under whose authority they are working. This helps to establish a positive working relationship between the adjuster and the contractor and between the contractor and the insured.

Thus, the contents valet number one priority is to do good work and they include helping the contractor to get more jobs in that priority… both by making sure the insured is very happy with the process and the results, and by seeing to it that the adjuster on the case is aware of the exemplary work the contractor and structural crew has performed.

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