Wet Furniture Restore or not Restore?

So let’s say that the contents valet find a hutch or dresser that got wet long before they were called in and now there is some sort of white-looking mold growing on it. Is it a total loss? Or can it be restored?

Well, if it is a laminate over plywood, or particleboard, chances are water has worked its way past the laminate. The amount of labor involved to return it to pre-loss condition, would be prohibitive.

But a solid wood piece of furniture can be sanded down, the mold removed and the finish restored.

Antiques should probably be dealt with by a conservationist, but “vintage wood” (from the late 1800’s through the 1960’s) is usually “manufactured” as opposed to having been hand crafted by an artist. These manufactured pieces probably came from a factory so they are a good bet for a contents pro to restore.

Sometimes a piece of furniture has remarkably high sentimental value to the owner, even though it is need of some sort of repair. Those are moments when the Contents Manager will invite the adjuster, the insured and himself (herself) to have a quick discussion before proceeding with various levels of restoration.

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