Who else wants to Hire the Contents valet

Wherever you find damaged contents, more often than not, you will find contents restoration professionals. Adjusters hire them to improve their bottom line, impress their managers and produce satisfied customers. Agents engage their services because the valet know how to help get policies renewed while bringing in superlative reviews. Other restoration contractors employ them because the contents specialists save money for the insurance companies by restoring instead of replacing – and they blend so perfectly with the structural team that they appear to be part of the original company instead of an “add on.”

Real estate salespeople bring them in to make a house “sellable” – when it simply wasn’t before.

Department stores with large losses, churches, restaurants, theaters and mall managers seek them out when they need real contents restoration professionals who can clean and restore their facilities and valued items.

Small businesses, gyms, and banks find them when it is imperative that they get the doors open (or close them forever).

Doctors’ and dentists’ clinics have recently hired them to quickly deep clean and apply the best antimicrobials to their workplaces.

Schools have retained them to remediate mold, remove smoke odors from fires and dry out flooded classrooms.

Hospitals routinely hire them for fires, floods, mold, and even bacterial infestations.

Counties and military bases commission them for extensive contents restoration (one company of our acquaintance was asked to take on 300 sewage remediation jobs for a single source).

And here is the best part – sometimes, in spite of their continuous specialty training, the contents valet don’t possess the expertise for a certain specialty aspect of an assignment. That is why they created what some call their “Million Dollar Database.” In it they have the names and phone numbers of museum class experts in the field of art restoration and award winning electronics restoration professionals.

They have taxidermists, furriers, precious metals and gemstone restorers – as well as many others. They have resources that help them replace a single plate or cup from an expensive set. Or a single sterling silver fork from a matched collection.

Who else wants to hire contents specialists? Just about everybody who has valuables that should be restored, not replaced. When you need us, we are standing by with an exceptional reputation and a track record that speaks for itself.

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