When the Contents Valet are “Un-Transparent”

Have you ever thought about how transparent you want the contents valet who work for you to be?

You probably don’t need to know how many of our people can drive trucks, or how much an individual can lift.

In point of fact, we think that you only want to know three things: How fast the pros can get the job done.

How much we can save for you on any given job.

How well we can get the job done (and how happy is the insured when we finally leave them in their restored home).

So how transparent should we be? For those things we should be as transparent as you need us to be!

Of course we do much more than that, like helping to get policies renewed and taking a little extra time to help you look very good to your boss.

Frankly, we love our jobs. So we would like nothing better than to share our “insider” secrets about antimicrobials that are human friendly, but can kill bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds flat! Or how the contents pros saved thousands of dollars on a job that was thought to be a total loss.

But we want to be respectful of your time, so instead we send you these short stories on the off chance that one day you will get a job that has soot encrusted figurines or a “drowned” Coco Channel® purse, then you glance down and see such headlines as, “Contents Pros Restore $30,000 Worth of Figurines!” Or “$4000 Purse Restored for $79.99.”

Then you might notice our telephone number right next to the headlines so you can call to say, “How do the Contents Specialists do that?”

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