Transparency and Justification

Some adjusters find themselves facing huge stacks of claims, and only limited time to go through them to serve the insureds. Others like to go over a job with minute scrutiny.

Experienced Contents Managers know this and once they understand the adjuster’s “rhythm,” they tailor their interactions accordingly.

We have a series of forms and timeline photos for most things that occur on any given assignment – we do this to create a trail of electronic evidence that the insured, the adjuster, and even the agent or property manager can access.

Some of the earlier cases are actually printed out and in hard copy files. But the latest missions may contain panoramic photos of the job site, 360 degree images of each room (with special attention to items of high value to the insured) along with notes and notations.

And of course emails, texts, invoices, communications between our personnel and yours, (and more) are available and accessible on every job.

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