When We Are All “On the Same Page”

The contents valet function best when they work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and of course, trust and transparency.

One contractor still talks about the day a slowdown had paralyzed his company and had used up the resources on which he relied.

He might have just waited for the hour when he was going to have to send some of them home — keeping it a secret. But he had always been honest with his front line people so instead he called them into the company meeting room explained the situation.

Then he added, “Look, I still have some cash on hand so anybody who wants to take a shot can get on the phone and call any adjuster, agent, property manager you know – any friend, any company head, anywhere you wish. And for each and every job you land for us, I’ll give you $100 cash.”

They eagerly took to the phones and started calling. He added that it seemed more like a celebration than a “last ditch effort”. Before closing that day, they had 6 new jobs.

When “Transparency” is company policy, it often works for everybody.

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