A Black Bag Job Clever Insider’s Secrect

Okay, we admit, this is one of those things that until you see it for yourself you might not believe it. On one job a contents pro put a large, folded quilt in a big, black trash bag (think “leaf bag”). This tip might work with lighter, thinner bags, but we only saw it done with one of the large-sized, thick plastic ones.

Next, she inserted a vacuum hose into the bag just far enough so it was near the quilt but not allowing the black plastic near the hose opening. And finally, she crumpled the opening of the bag around the vacuum hose and turned the vacuum on. It was like watching those “space-saver bag” commercials in which all the air is sucked out and the quilt, pillow, down jacket, etc. is flattened down into a fraction of its size.

An assistant pressed down on the bag to force out any extra bulk, then the contents valet put a thick rubber band around the opening to seal it closed. It worked!

No harm was done to the quilt and the transport size was much smaller and easier to manage than the original.

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