Exclusively Contents Do Things other Companies Don’t

Many home insurance adjusters have grown weary of contractors who claim to have proper training but perform poorly on the job. That is why the contents pros initiated a program of constant and never-ending improvement. They have known for decades that a stellar reputation improves their bottom line.

Simply put, by making things easier for adjusters, agents, building managers, hospital and school administrators, county officials and others, strong business relationships are quickly forged that often last the life of the companies involved.

When competing companies are asked, “Can you get paintings restored?” and they say, “No that really isn’t our line,” and we say, “Yes, absolutely! We have selected one of the finest art restoration conservatories in the world to work with us when art needs to be restored – let me show you a few samples of their work”. That goes a long way toward creating a relationship based on service and accountability.

When a homeowner with a sewage backup asks, “We really need the house thoroughly disinfected. But I have two toddlers, just how strong are your disinfectants?” and we say, “Ma’am, we have the new thyme based disinfectants. And I just read an EPA report that says it is so powerful it can kill 99.9% of bacteria in 30 seconds. Including E. Coli and H1N1 but was created for a little boy with a compromised immune system. Who could not have regular cleaning compounds in the house. We’ll be using that in your home. In fact, let’s step over to your kitchen sink and I’ll let you try it out”. It sets the tone for a great job with spectacular reviews for both the contents team and the carrier who brought them in.

And one of the reasons we can say “yes” when other companies can’t is because we are actively adding new
associates every year to our “million dollar database.” Whenever we can, we go out and meet the valets that we use – before we invite them to a job. Anybody can have a fancy website nowadays, but by meeting the new team, talking to them, seeing them on a job. And examining their work, we get a good feel for how they will perform when we need them. We select them the same way you select us…references, a fantastic track record, and we do a computer search of pros and cons. Then, whenever possible, we go see them in action.

If ever you were to see our team of trained professionals, we like to think you would be most impressed! We are, and we work with them on every job!

A Black Bag Job Clever Insider’s Secrect

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