Exclusively Contents Don’t Paint Except When They Do

As a rule the contents professionals don’t paint walls, floors or ceilings (they clean them for sure – but painting is usually left for the structural workers). Still, there are moments when a little touch up or a dab of color can save significant sums for the owner and carrier.

You may recall the article in Contents Solutions about the team member who saved the adjuster’s blood pressure when she performed a little “leather dye spray touch up” on the couch of an owner who was threatening to sue when he was told by the adjuster that his leather couch was too old and depreciated to
justify restoration after a fire had scorched it.

Another contents frontline associate discovered that a washcloth has much the same texture as a
paint roller and could be used to “dab” away a flaw in a recent paint job or to reach into corners where
rollers sometimes missed a spot.

We even saw one who created a miniature painting station by placing a cardboard box across a couple of saw horses (outside) and putting a “lazy susan” in the box so she could turn it to spray paint all sides of an object to
save on replacement costs (of course this sort of thing is only done with the full permission of the the owner, but it is far superior to another cash out).

Quick Tip For Refrigerators 

Exclusively Contents Don’t Paint Except When They Do

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