Contents Questions

Did the smoke get in the HVAC system? Which rooms were involved? If it was the bathroom – was there any heat in the bathroom tself (should the medicines in the cabinet be discarded due to contamination)?

If the kitchen – did you lose power? If “yes” how long? Should the food in the refrigerator or reezer be kept or tossed?

If the master bedroom – how much soot or  smoke got in? If they are not sure, we use the “white glove” test, the “sniff test” and sometimes even small, handheld microscopes to check for carbon particulates. Even if the fire originated in he kitchen or living room, smoke travels fast and ar. The whole house smells like smoke right now, but when we leave, smoke odors may appear in he bedroom as it leeches out from the wood
n the dresser, the headboard on the bed, the clothing in the closet – even the wood paneling on the walls.

Is the paint on the walls glossy or flat? There are vastly different techniques for removing soot rom a glossy paint than from flat paint.

Are there any special health concerns for any member of the family? The contents pros can “switch up” their solutions, especially when hey know if there is an infant, someone with respiratory ailments, an elderly resident, etc.

Are the carpets natural fiber or man-made? Again, we have special solutions for each.

The contents pros ask pertinent questions so the agent and adjuster have one less thing to worry about.

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