A Few contents Don’t

Don’t enter a building until a fire marshal or other official gives the “all clear.”

If a television, computer or other electronic device has been exposed to water (fire hose, leaking appliance, broken pipe) don’t turn it on to, “…see if it still works.”

Don’t clean pearls, crystal that has been exposed to heat, or other fragile items with an ultrasonic cleaner – pearls can lose their shine, heated crystal may well have micro fractures and could disintegrate. Fine china
can lose its gold trim. Ultrasonics processing is great for some things, but training is required to know the difference. If you aren’t sure, find a gentler way.

Don’t clean a sooty painting with cotton cloth – cotton has tiny “hooks” at a microscopic level and they grab loose flakes which could easily pull them free.

Do not pack rare wines without putting cushioning between the bottles – a scuffed label can reduce the wine’s worth by as much as half if sold at auction!

More to come in future issues!

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