Contractors Hire Exclusively Contents Too

Quite a number of adjusters have come to appreciate having Exclusively Contents on a job. Even when they are working as sub-contractors for another company. In fact, we are told that the adjusters recommend the Exclusively Contents to contractors. Who needs them to complete the contents restoration of challenging assignments.

And countless contractors have discovered the value of contents valets themselves. It has become increasingly common for restoration companies to find that the structural part of a job taxes all their resources. And it is far more practical (and economical) to call in a contents team from a company like ours.

Of course, there are question marks and some trepidation before they do so. They want to know such things as are going to try to “steal a job” or interfere with their relationship with the adjuster?

With us such challenges never surface. We make it plain to the adjuster on the first day that we will be working under your umbrella. We provide our team with neutral shirts (no company logo), so they blend in with the contractor’s workers. Normally, we provide an estimate and scope of work directly to the contractor. And we maintain strong lines of communication with the designated supervisor throughout the job so everyone is on the same page.

That is unless the contractor finds that it is easier to have our work in our normal fashion, directly with the adjuster. Bringing back the final agreement as to the adjuster’s estimate, which would provide the boundaries under which we would work.

This makes things easier, not harder, for the adjuster to proceed and creates a harmonious working environment for everyone.

Most contractors are glad to have us assist as we can pack out many items. That the structural workers would normally have to move in order to gain access to walls, floors, etc. And they don’t have to waste valuable technicians cleaning rather than rebuilding.

What’s more, we can restore (rather than replace) many items that otherwise might have depleted the adjuster’s budget (leaving more available funds for the structural work).

Along with the contractor, we create a timeline that enables both teams to work unimpeded by the efforts of the other. Plus, our photo inventory can tell the supervisor, homeowner, and insured exactly where every item is. And can give a precise indication of the condition of the items to be restored (which can help justify the cost of the restoration itself).

For those contractors who require it, we will happily supply testimonials, case histories, records of how much we have saved. The insurance companies in the past as well as a full explanation of our procedures and methods of quality control.

And finally, we provide a contract that will be signed and dated by us. And the contractor’s representative as to what we have promised and what the hiring company promises in return.

Total transparency, no surprises – we offer contractors the same level of excellence that we have provided to the insurance companies. Our track record is our resume’ and we are proud to share it with our new partners in success!

4,600 Files Cleaned by Exclusively Contents, Inc.

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