4,600 Files Cleaned by Exclusively Contents, Inc.

In past issues, Contents Solutions has brought you stories from many nations about how professionals conduct themselves in various parts of the world. And normally we try to keep the articles relevant to North American adjusters agents, building managers, etc.

But we recently ran across an amazing story from London that we thought was well worth sharing –
mostly because it shows what we can do for business continuity, even in extreme circumstances.

It seems that an arsonist entered a Social Services building and set three fires that decimated the
offices. 4600 files were damaged.  The contents pros packed them into 187 crates and everything was photographed before transport.

20 of the crates contained wet documents and around 80% of those files were both wet and charred.

The pros trimmed away the char, transported the wet files to a chilled chamber to prevent mold from forming, and entered all documents into a database so certain ones could be retrieved as needed (some had to be cleaned, deodorized and returned within 4 hours)!

The contents pros built special deodorization chambers, worked around the Social Services staff, and kept the doors open.

All the contents pros of the world adapt, create and proceed – just like us.

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