Quick Tip For Refrigerators

Another way for you to recognize the contents pros on the job is that before transporting a refrigerator. They will clean it with a pH-neutral surfactant (not vinegar-like it says on the Internet). They will remove the glass shelves and will swaddle the entire exterior with moving blankets held in place by shrink wrap.

But most importantly of all – if you see workers laying the refrigerator on its side in the truck, they are not contents pros! Contents valets know that the compressor oil can leak into places that can ruin the unit itself when it is laid flat on its side.

Normally, trained contents staff will anchor or support the refrigerator upright, and when that is not possible. They tilt it as little as is necessary and will see to it that the cooling and discharge lines are face up.

And finally, they will let the refrigerator stand upright at its destination for a few hours prior to plugging it in.

Some people will tell you they are trained contents professionals – our teams will actually show you.

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