Sootpeeling Substance new Insider’s Secrect

Years ago we brought a compound to your attention that allowed the contents pros to “paint” a liquid latex-like substance onto brick and other rough and uneven surfaces that had been impregnated with soot and other
contaminants, then peel it away taking the impurities off in a single sheet.

Think of it as being like the Elmer’s™ glue – remember getting some on your hands in elementary school, then peeling it off as if it was an invisible layer of skin?

Well now it seems that at least one company has come up with a new spray version that uses less water, dries faster and the manufacturers point out that even when the contaminants they remove are hazardous,
this new material has less mess and less chance of cross contamination than traditional wet-solution cleaning methods.

Exclusively Contents Do Things other Companies Don’t

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