Exclusively Contents, Inc. Help Agents Get Policy Renewals

Exclusively Contents, Inc. help you look good to your customer. You already know about our technique in which we give a small gift at the beginning and end of each job with no literature except your business card and a note something like, “I am with you. I’m only a phone call away,” or something simple like that.

And you may remember that if we have a pivotal moment that would make you look really good to your insured, we will invite you to make the presentation of the digital photos (of pictures they thought were lost) or old, treasured Mickey Spillane novels (they thought were “goners”). We would have you hand them over instead of us.

We can save their expensive wines (instead of setting them on a hot driveway) or putting them in a box where their labels are scuffed up (reducing their worth dramatically).

The Importance of Proper Containment during Mold Remediation

We hand them a thumb drive showing where everything was packed, images from our initial walkthrough, along with storage numbers and we tell them it is just a small gift from their agent.

In short we save their most valued belongings, give them a special experience and we make sure they know it was you who brought us to them.

That is just part of why agents reach out to us when dealing with their most discerning clients. Give us a call sometime and we’ll tell you more about how we can help you get renewals.

All About Insurance Renewals

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