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Exclusively Contents, Inc. Improve Adjusters’ Bottom Lines

Exclusively Contents, Inc. valets are not “moving men” or “cleaning ladies” (although they have been mistaken for either or both). They are in fact elite professionals who restore instead of replacing their client’s valuables – while saving massive sums for the insurance companies lucky enough to find such a team.

In past issues of Contents Solutions, you may remember having read articles about the team that restored a collection of delicate, extremely intricate figurines and Hummel dolls that were to be “total loss.” The adjuster knew it would cost his company $35,000 to replace these items, so when the contents team intervened and restored the items to pre-loss condition, you may be sure that he started looking around for other things the pros could do for him!

And you probably remember that remarkable story about the contents team that restored a discontinued Coco Chanel “black caviar” purse that was once valued at over $4000, but now had been coated with acidic soot, drenched by fire hoses, and left in the freezing cold for 2 weeks. When it was handed to the owner in pre-loss condition, she even posed for a picture with it in her hands. The adjuster was surprised to get a bill for (drum roll please) just $79.99.

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That is the sort of thing that helps improve the insurance company’s bottom line – and it was just one item! Our contents pros do this sort of thing all the time, but there isn’t a slot on Xactimate for how much we save you, so it is possible that such money-saving restoration goes unnoticed from job to job.

But contents pros save on huge jobs as well. You might remember the story we presented in which the contents team restored an estimated $4,000,000 worth of electronics from a single university building (the fire had actually melted some of the steel support beams, but the computers, monitors, etc. could still be cleaned and reconditioned).

Not every job we tell you about is one of ours, but they might as well be. Our contents force has been trained and equipped to restore most anything – one pro said, “If it’s not physically melted, we’re saving it.” And on water damage jobs we have restored everything from photo albums to antiques, from big-screen TVs to cell phones, from Teddy bears to jewelry and furs, crystal, china, plastics, porcelain, wood furniture, leather couches – we routinely save extraordinary amounts of money for the insurance companies on virtually every job. But as we mentioned before, you may never have noticed it – at least not consciously.

Still, when you have an exceptional job with a healthy bottom line, it is very likely that we were there, quietly going about the business of restoring those things that truly matter to the owners and helping adjusters present invoices that impress their managers.

When an adjuster sees what we can do, it is rare that he (she) will want anyone else on the next content’s job.

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