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Adjusters and Agents By-pass Vendor Lists

When some adjusters by-pass the vendor list to hire us, it is usually with their bosses’ strong approval.

The reason is pretty simple – we are the “Yes Men” of the industry. When an insurance company’s office manager calls 5 restoration companies saying, “We have a painting that has been appraised at over $25,000. It was exposed to hot steam and now looks like the whole painting has cataracts – can any of your guys fix it?” And they all say, “No, sorry, we don’t do that sort of thing.” Then the 6th company they call is us and we say, “Sure! We are associated with one of the best art conservatories in the world,” they breathe a sigh of relief, hire us and when the art comes back in pre-loss condition, they remember us and don’t waste time and money trying to find someone else to say, “Yes.” They just by-pass everyone else and call us.

Exclusively Contents, Inc. Improve Adjusters’ Bottom Lines 

By the way, the $25,000 painting story actually happened. The conservatory restored it for $850, saving the insurance carrier over $24,000 on a single item. And guess what? The conservatory is in our “Million Dollar Data-base,” waiting for our call.

And when a moose head falls off a wall and breaks an antler, the adjusters call around trying to find a content team who can help and get a lot of “no’s” until they call us. We send a cell phone image to the taxidermist in our database, she gives us a fair price in advance; we get your OK, ship it to her and have another checkmark in the “win” column for us and the carrier.

We have contacts who help us restore a collection of fine china with a single plate or cup (instead of having to replace the whole set). We know where to get old mystery paperbacks to replace a waterlogged collection for pennies on the dollar.

We have antimicrobial solutions that can be used with workers still at their desks, students still in the classroom or families still in their home – so strong that they can kill MRSA, HIV, Norovirus, etc. but so human-friendly that one spokesperson actually drank it just to prove he could!

We are not ordinary restoration professionals. We are valets who get the job done. And that is why adjusters and agents by-pass those who can’t and come looking for us!

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