How to Kill Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Viruses are not technically alive, so they can’t be “killed” per se. But they can be “deactivated” with disinfectants.

The contents valet have compounds that have deactivated coronaviruses before – SARS coronavirus, MERS coronavirus, as well as a host of other contagions.

A health expert recently appeared on a national radio news program and explained that if a person has COVID-19 (coronavirus) and coughs into his hand, then touches a handrail during a train ride, and leaves the train, then another person grasps that same handrail, he is now infected with the virus.

What wasn’t mentioned was that if a contents pro with the proper solutions, was interjected into the equation, he (she) would sanitize the handrail – give it a few minutes dwell time – and the handrail would be the cleanest, most bacteria and virus- free surface in the entire train.

Do you recall the incident in Texas where a man, infected with Ebola virus, left a thoroughly infected apartment when he entered the hospital? Ebola has a mortality rate of 50% of those infected (recently, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, COVID-19 has a mortality rate of less than 2%). And more than 79,000 people have already recovered from COVID-19.

Now you might think that the contents team who sanitized the apartment (leaving no subsequent cases of infection) would have a name like, “International Viral Remediation Administration,” but no, they were from a company called just plain, “The Cleaning Guys” (no kidding).

Contents cleaning professionals are being called in to sanitize schools, airlines, ships (the CDC manual for keeping cruise ships clean is 267 pages long) and other public facilities.

As of this writing UNESCO reports, “Just two weeks ago, China was the only country mandating closures.” And adds, “Since then, thirteen countries have shut schools nationwide, impacting 290.5 million children and youth who would normally attend pre-primary to upper-secondary classes.”

The fact is that contents restoration companies have been cleaning and sanitizing schools with all manner of bacterial, fungal and viral infestations – everything from mold to MRSA, and from mumps to severely infectious diseases — for decades. They get the doors open and children back to their desks – safely.

Sanitizing a school, restaurant, theater, business complex or any other building where people gather is just another assignent – they have done it all before.

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