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How to Maximize Your Team’s Time When Cleaning a Residential Property

Your residential restoration company recently received a call to restore the main floor and basement of a large family home. A pipe burst on the main floor, leading to considerable damage to the walls and flooring. But mostly leaving the furniture and belongings intact and undamaged. The homeowners have asked your company if you can go in to pack up. And remove their furnishings and decorations before you start the restoration process. Usually, you would say no to such a request, but the client has offered an extra $1,000 on top of the repair contract. So you agree to carry out the removal and store the customer’s belongings until the completion of the job.


The big conundrum now is how you will maximize your team’s time since you have an extra set of steps to go through before you can start the restoration. After all, an extra $1,000 is significant, but your team still needs to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to make the project lucrative. Plus, you’ve got another job that you’re set to start in a week and a half.


The obvious way to trim time is to rush through the packing and removal process so that you can begin the restoration. Your team experienced in repairing water damage and will be able to get through. That phase of the project quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing the quality of work. Packing up a house is a task that tends to demand time and effort, though—whether it’s your home or someone else’s. Especially as you have to pack up the belongings from two separate floors of the house. Your team has a considerable amount of work to do before they can start restoring.


Needless to say, there is a dilemma here. Rushing through the packing process will allow your team to start doing what they do best sooner. However, rushing also leads to improper packing, which can increase the risk of damage. Taking your time to pack the client’s belongings securely will reduce the likelihood of damage. But will cause your team to lose efficiency and might even push you over your self-imposed deadline.


The good news is that there is a third option: you can hire a removal team to come in and pack up the client’s belongings for you. Hiring a dedicated removal contractor will guarantee secure packing. A good removal company will also empty rooms and floors rapidly. Giving your team the freedom to start the restoration process sooner rather than later. A third-party removals team will also handle the transportation and storage of the client’s treasured items. Allowing you to focus more attention on the core aspect of the job.


In short, hiring a removal contractor to help you out will free up your time and allow you to beat your deadline by hours or even days. Moreover, a removal company will have contents insurance. This means that if the client’s belongings damaged during packing, transportation, and storage, they still insured. Your residential restoration company is likely not insured against the loss of contents, and taking on the packing and removal role is a major liability risk. It’s best to avoid that peril by counting on a third-party team that actually specializes in packing.


If you want to avoid liability and maximize your restoration team’s time. But still want to offer your clients the option of removal service, then our company can help. We are experts in packing up rooms and homes quickly and efficiently. We also have secure storage facilities and safe transportation options, to make sure your client’s valued belongings are kept safe at all times. And of course, we have contents insurance, to neutralize your liability and protect you against loss. Call us today if you are interested in partnering with us for your next restoration project!

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