Hire a Third-Party Company to Move Back a Client’s Belongings before a Residential Cleaning

Perhaps your residential remodeling company already offers a pack-and-remove service for customer belongings. Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding such a service to make some extra cash. What you might not be aware of, though, is how much risk residential restoration businesses like yours take on by offering to play the removal role.

There are numerous reasons to consider hiring a third party to pack up, remove, and store a client’s cherished belongings. Before you go to work on a residential restoration project. For now, though, let’s focus on just the first step of the process: packing.

If you were to buy a new house, how would you pack your home? Would you do it as quickly as possible, or would you take care to make sure that everything was packed carefully and securely? Would you use any boxes or bags that you might have lying around the house? Or would you go to the nearest U-Haul store and stock up on heavy-duty boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and other packing supplies?

In all likelihood, you opted for the last answers: you would want to take your time and use the best materials. Because doing so would give your belongings a better chance of arriving at their destination undamaged. When it comes to removing a customer’s belongings from their home to carry out restoration, the same attention to detail is essential.

The problem is that the renovation company offering packing, removal, and storage services don’t always go the extra mile. For one thing, they don’t have time to pack items with the same attention to detail. That they would apply to pack their own belongings. Think of the last time you moved: how long did it take you to organize everything, pack it into boxes. And get those boxes out of the house. Hours would be a low ball answer. Days would be a more likely answer.

Every minute you spend packing and removing boxes from a client’s home. Though, is another minute that your team isn’t doing the restoration that you were initially hired to carry out. To make the project as lucrative as possible. There is pressure to get the room cleared and start restoring as soon as possible. This focus on speed can lead to some sloppy or improper packaging techniques. Which can result in damage to your client’s prized belongings.

In other cases, restorers might not have the proper supplies or materials to pack items in a safe or secure fashion. Or might not be familiar with all of the dos and don’ts of packing. By using poor-quality packing materials, or simply by packing boxes sloppily, your team might be creating a huge liability.

Liability is the concern here. The insurance policies that most restoration companies carry don’t protect against contents loss. So if a customer’s wedding china gets smashed because it was packed in a flimsy cardboard box. Or if a customer’s collection of antique books is ruined. Because it was packed improperly, your company might be liable for those losses. Obviously, such losses can cut drastically into the revenues for your project—not to mention the damage they can do to your reputation. If your customers decide to leave negative reviews around the web.

Our company can help. We always used premium-quality packaging supplies, to minimize damage risks. Plus, our team consists of people who are trained and experienced in packing items smartly and securely. We will take the time to get the job done right, getting everything out of the way for your restoration team to go in and do what they do best. And lastly, we carry contents insurance, which means that using us cuts your liability for damage or loss down to zero.

If you are interested in collaborating with our team, give us a call today. We have worked with businesses like yours in the past and are happy to put together a packing, removal, and storage service to meet your needs.

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