What can a Exclusively Contents Do?

You already know that the Exclusively Contents have saved millions of dollars each year for the insurance companies. We have helped adjusters produce outstanding estimates for their bosses and have assisted agents to get more renewals (if you weren’t aware of this, give us a call and we’ll tell you all about it over a gourmet cup of coffee – on us).

And you may have read how the Exclusively Contents have helped restore private homes, elementary schools, universities, huge sporting goods stores, theaters, restaurants, warehouses full of merchandise to be shipped, banks, hospitals and all manner of retailers and small businesses.

They have restored everything from irreplaceable documents, to big-screen TVs, from expensive purses to Teddy bears, from mahogany furniture, to tinker toys and from thousands of dollars’ worth of figurines to
priceless works of art. They have disinfected hospitals and restored their x-rays. They have sanitized government buildings and removed norovirus from cruise ships.

Kept the doors open for small businesses while they restore their files, office machines, and other valued items.

The Exclusively Contents are saving massive sums on virtually every job for your carrier. Simply by restoring instead of your having to replace valuables. Take a second look at the invoice for our next job. We like to think we will surprise you!


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