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Why Residential Cleaning Companies Should Contract out Their Asset Removal Services

A married couple has been living in the same house for 40 years. The home is beautiful and full of memories, from the couple’s first weeks together as a married pair to the birth of their kids. It’s the place where their children grew up and where so many significant life milestones occurred. It’s also a goldmine of their personal possessions, from their valuable wedding china to priceless family heirlooms. Frankly, it’s more than just a house: it’s a huge part of who these people are.

One day, the couple wakes to find that an appliance malfunction started a fire in their kitchen. Luckily, they act fast enough to get out of the house and call the fire department, who are able to save the home from too much damage. Heartbreakingly, though, parts of the home’s lower level are in need of restoration and remodeling. Before the couple will be able to move back in. Cue the call to the area’s most trusted residential restoration service.

The owner of the renovation company receives the call from the married couple and sympathizes with their situation. From years of working in the industry, he knows how big of a blow this type of incident can be. And wants to make the process as stress-free as possible for the couple. When the wife expresses concern about their personal possessions on the home’s lower floor—paintings on the walls, books on the bookshelves, photo albums, the wedding china, and family heirlooms. The furniture that wasn’t destroyed in the fire, etc.—the restoration valet takes pity on the couple. He offers to have his team pack up the belongings on the lower level. And move them out of the space before the restoration, at no extra charge.

Only later does the owner of the residential restoration company realize the burden—not to mention the risk—that he’s brought upon his business. His business is now in charge of the three C’s of possession removal: care, control, and custody. He has to worry about packing these items securely, removing them from the home carefully. Moving them to a safe offsite location, and storing them until the home fully restored. The kicker is that he and his team have to go through this entire meticulous process before they can even start on the renovation job that they initially hired to perform.

Worst of all, the owner of the residential restoration company realizes halfway through the process. That his company does not have the proper insurance coverage to perform this kind of process. Perhaps a box of china falls off the truck and shatters, or maybe a piece of antique furniture is broken in transit. When the manager goes to make an insurance claim, he finds that his company is not insured against loss. As a result, his business is on the hook for the damaged property and may need to compensate the clients for it. Suddenly, a relatively straightforward restoration job has turned into a major—and potentially very costly—headache.

This story is a work of fiction, but the truth is that some version of these events plays out over and over again in the residential restoration industry. Restorers will frequently offer to pack up a client’s belongings and remove them from the home. Sometimes, this service provided as a courtesy, as in the story above. Other times, it might be something that the restoration company tacks on for an added fee. Either way, the restorers often don’t realize how much work and the unnecessary risk they are taking on by offering this service.

Our company can help to alleviate the risk and allow residential restoration businesses to focus on what they do best. We are in the business of saving memories. And our teams are skilled at managing the three C’s of asset removal with the safest and most secure practices possible. We can get belongings out of the house quickly and efficiently so that the restoration team can get to work. Also, handle the paperwork for insurance. So if something breaks while we are packing or transporting it, the damage covered.

Most importantly, we prioritize our clients, so that they get the superb service they deserve. And you get the positive word of mouth that is going to drive new people to your business.

If you own and operate a residential restoration company and want to offer an extra removal service for your clients, get in touch with us. We have worked with teams like yours in the past, and we believe that. Together, we can serve clients more comprehensively in their time of need.

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