The Risks of Using PODS for Storage During Residential Cleaning Projects

PODS (or Portable On-Demand Storage) has become a popular moving and storage solution in recent years, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Homeowners planning a big move to a new house love PODS because it lets them pack their belongings on their own time instead of loading up a moving truck as quickly as possible on moving day. PODS deliver a portable storage unit and leave it in the driveway to allow the homeowners to load boxes, furniture, and other belongings into the unit as they are ready to do so.

This type of storage solution has perks for residential restoration companies as well. One of the big pain points for restoration companies is getting the client’s belongings out of the house before starting on repair work. This process is not only time-consuming, but it can also be costly. If the restoration team offers to remove furniture, books, electronics, and other items from the home before they start repairing the damage caused by a fire or flood. They can spend hours or even days packing the items and transporting them to an off-site storage unit. This storage site costs money, too, further cutting into the profits that the restoration contractor is taking for the job.

PODS seems like a natural simplification of this process. With a portable storage unit right there in the driveway, restoration teams can save hours that they would have wasted going back and forth to an off-site storage facility. PODS costs also tend to be lower and their rental packages more flexible. In short, these units seem like a huge win-win for the restoration company.

However, there are significant risks that come with using PODS, and if your enterprise is in the residential refurbishment business. Then you need to be aware of these risks before deciding a portable on-demand storage unit is the right option.

First off, PODS are subject to theft. Offsite storage facilities might be inconvenient—especially if the restoration project in question is only going to take a day or two. However, offsite storage facilities also have fences, surveillance, and other elements of security that can provide substantial peace of mind. PODS offers none of this security. They have nominally protected storage units where all thieves have to do to gain access to precious belongings is break a padlock. The risk of theft might be low—especially in a pleasant residential area. But storing a customer’s belongings in a PODS unit overnight is still a huge risk.

Secondly, PODS lack proper climate control. A safe offsite storage facility will be heated or air-conditioned—depending on the time of year—to keep belongings in good condition. A standalone unit sitting out on a blacktop driveway in the beating summer sun, though, can quickly climb into the extreme temperature range. On the Consumer Affairs page for PODS—where the company has a combined rating of one star out of five. There is even a review from a customer claiming that their 60-inch Sony TV destroyed due to extreme heat.

If your residential restoration company doesn’t have content insurance—as most do not—you could be on the hook for any theft or damage that occurs on your watch. This includes theft or damage to a customer’s prized belongings while in a PODS unit. Such a risk is simply not worth it, even despite the convenience that PODS provides.

Our company can offer a much better solution. We come into your client’s house on day one and carefully pack up their belongings. Making sure that everything stored safely and securely. Next, we haul everything away to our secure and climate-controlled storage warehouse. You’ll have the time and freedom to restore the home without having to worry about theft or damage. We also have contents insurance, so if anything damaged on our watch, it’s covered.

Don’t play Russian roulette with your customer’s belongings. PODS might be all the rage in moving and temporary storage solutions, but they bring needless risks into the equation. Our company will neutralize those risks and free you from having to pack and store anything. Call us today to learn more about how we work.

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